The Chinese technology manufacturer OnePlus is known for its medium-quality products such as Smartphones, smart TVs,headphones, smart watches, etc. however, the OnePlus has never launched its own tablet. The list of the intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO) indicates that OnePlus will soon launch a tablet under the name “OnePlus Pad.”

The device, rumor has it, is listed on the website of the intellectual property office of the European Union under the name “OnePlus Pad”. In addition, announcements on the EUIPO website showed that a new OnePlus tablet will be launched in the coming months. However, with the exception of the product name, no other information about the product, such as specifications, price, availability, design, size, etc., is yet to be disclosed. The product listings were originally created by MySmartPrice, who kept talking about them.

It should be noted that the EUIPO lists submitted on July 1, 2021 showed that the status for the OnePlus Pad “application is being considered.”This clearly indicates that the OnePlus tablet has not yet been completed, so we can expect a few more months before the company officially announces the OnePlus Pad.

However, OnePlus is not the only company entering the tablet market, as other companies have also deposited their tablet on the site. Vivo has also deposited its Vivo Pad on the EUIPO website, while Realme has officially announced the arrival of a new tablet shortly.

Recently, OnePlus announced that it will merge its OxygenOS with The Oppo ColorOS to improve the “OxygenOS experience” for OnePlus Smartphones, including the Nord series. Given this, we can expect that the next OnePlus tablet will also work on the new Android operating system.

The OnePlus Pad is not yet officially announced by the Chinese company, but given the enthusiasm that this news has already aroused, the OnePlus will certainly respond soon.

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