One of the plan changes in watchOS 7 is the evacuation of the Force Touch signal. The watch no longer detects fixed shocks on the Display Cover.

Apple has updated many applications that have recently hidden captures in the Force Touch menu to show these commands on the screen rather than striking captures.

It also affects how you change the format of the home screen. In previous watchOS customizations, you could switch between the list view and the Framework by pressing the home screen motionlessly. Currently, you need to dive into The Settings app.

The evacuation of Force Touch in watchOS 7 comes a year after Apple removed the utility of 3D Touch in iOS 13. This indicated the expulsion of 3D touch printing sensitive devices in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

It doesn’t seem hard to imagine that a new Apple Watch also drops the Force Touch sensor.

This could allow thinner storefront panels and take into account other interior elements and, in addition, lead to costs that set aside a little Apple. The emerging era of the Apple Watch is expected to be announced in the fall.

In watchOS 6 and earlier dumps, they could press still on the honeycomb grid to reveal the dilapidated Lake switch.

This is not conceivable at this point in watchOS 7, as the Framework no longer separates between a long Press and a fixed weight. If you try to change the old list view editing method in watchOS 7, your applications can basically squirm and go into Honeycomb Framework editing mode.

Therefore, in watchOS 7, Lattice View, or Rundown View, there is currently a unique tilt in the settings:

How to change the home screen of the list or grid in watchOS 7

  • Wake up your Apple Watch and tap the digital crown to access the honeycomb grid home screen.
  • Tap on the “Settings”app
  • Scroll down and select “App View”
  • Select List View from the app Layout menu.

You can now exit the settings and view the list layout. You can go back by going back in the settings and selecting the grid layout.

These home screen layout options are a good example of how removing Force Touch has a noticeable impact on the watch experience.

Previously, switching between grid and list looked like a simple switch: just press the honeycomb grid and look at the Alphabetical List. Now, in watchOS 7, with the Option buried deeper in the system, it feels more like a deliberate choice: do you want to use the list or grid view permanently?

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